Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile

Much creadence is being placed on "evidence based treatments" this package delivers you with the tools needed for you to record the evidence of your treatments and practice. MYMOP was devised by Dr Charlotte Patterson for the Medical Research Council. It was revised to be MYMOP II and we have taken that questionnaire and addapted it by adding a few supplementary questions to help with our research.

Basically the patient chooses two symptoms and an activity that they wish to monitor, they must choose at least two of the three options. They then score these on a scale of 0 to 6, where 0 is as well as can be and 6 is as ill as can be. They also score there sense of well being. These scores are then combined to produce a single number in the range of 0 to 6.

Clinic-Aid records the symptoms and activity chosen by the patient and can either print out a questionnaire for the subsequent visit or the detailed response of the client can be entered directly into Clinic-Aid.

These scores can easily be monitored, as they are displayed on the history of the client page, where it is easy to see if the individual patient is improving, or not. Obviously, if not then further investigation is required. Is there an external reason for this dip in wellbeing, or is your treatment option requiring review.

There is a issue with MYMOP, clients improve and forget how ill they have been. After two or three months there is a tendancy for the scores to increase, even though the clients health is improving.